Part One of "The Family Legacy" - a drama about sickle cell disease

Part Two of "The Family Legacy" - a drama about sickle cell disease

Part Three of "The Family Legacy" - a drama about sickle cell disease

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The Have A Heart for Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation is happy that you have chosen to participate in our Youth Development Group.  The Have A Heart organization takes pride in offering a unique program that not only focuses on the individual with sickle cell disease, but also the entire family.  We want to keep you actively involved in our organization by offering a variety of programs to suit you and your family’s academic, recreational, and self improvement needs.  The location of the program has changed not the program itself.  Like in the past years, the program will feature homework assistance, arts and crafts, and field trips.  Homework and craft assistance will be provided by a group of dedicated students attending the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Illinois Medical School.  Field trips are scheduled throughout the year, however, only active participants and their families will be allowed to take part in the outings.

I hope you will join us this year.  All Youth Development Group meetings will take place from 10am to 12:30pm at 840 S. Wood Street in Suite 172 – the UIC Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center Administrative Office.  A calendar of the meeting days and outings is included with this letter.  Parking will be provided and is available in the Wood Street Parking Structure located ½ block south of the intersection of Taylor Street and Wood Street.

If you have questions regarding the program feel free to contact me at 312-566-6903.  Thank you for participation and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.


Shonda King, MSW, LSW

Program Coordinator, Youth Development Group

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